DE-Mold (Commerical Use)

This product is only available for commercial use. Please contact us for more information.

5 Gallon size. Shipping not included and will be charged separately. Please see ordering information below.

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Ordering Information for Commercial Grade Products

Please place your order with Healthy Homes Inc online before close of business on Thursday.  Healthy Homes Inc will fulfill commercial solution orders on Fridays and Saturdays for pickup on Mondays.  This will allow shipping in one business week with no weekend overnights in random shipyards, regardless of location in the US.  

Orders require credit card payment for the cost of the solutions at the time of order.    

The cost of FREIGHT shipping will be estimated at the time of shipping.   After shipping on Mondays, Healthy Homes Inc will email an order with the FedEx Freight tracking numbers and a statement that includes the estimated shipping costs. 

A day or two after delivery of the order, FedEx Freight reconciles the shipping cost to an exact payment per the weight and transport and processes an Invoice.  Healthy Homes Inc will at that time charge the credit card on file for the shipping cost and email a paid in full Receipt for that order.  

If you have any questions please email  Include order number if possible.  

FedEx Freight is the best shipping option for Healthy Homes Inc as we also ship parcel with FedEx and the combined accounts provide for the best shipping rates regardless of class.   FedEx Freight also provides for home delivery of commercial sized pallets and deliveries with shorter trailers, liftgates, pallet jacks, and has the facilities for freeze protection.  All for a nominal fee, of course, but the options are available and necessary.  

Healthy Homes’ Proprietary All-Natural Cleaner for Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses

DE-Mold is a unique blend of biologicals and essential oils that consume molds and bacteria at every stage of its life cycle. DE-Mold will consume airborne and surface laden viruses. Developed in-house from the ground up, ingredient by ingredient, DE-Mold is uniquely engineered to eliminate mold, bacteria and viruses safely, and effectively from any structure. When you want to improve your indoor air quality by eliminating airborne toxins, DE-Mold is the all-natural option!

Excellent for Multiple Purposes

Mold Cleaning
Mold itself is an organism that clings to virtually any porous surface. There is both visible and invisible molds. Visible organisms (mycelium) feed on wood and paper while releasing airborne toxins (spores). The spores reproduces in the air, building up in concentration landing on a surfaces and eventually growing into another organism, (hyphae). This “new” organisms releases the next generation of airborne spores. Toxic molds can also secrete mycotoxins. DE-Mold biologically consumes mold at each stage of its’ life cycle. Mold Remediation can be a complicated process and requires contacting a professional.

Eliminate Bacteria
DE-Mold works well against bacteria. It eliminates bacteria on contact. Engineered specifically to work against bacteria and mold, you can keep your home clean and bacteria-free with DE-Mold.
Reduce Viruses

It is more important than ever to reduce your contact with viruses. The ingredients in our product include a blend of living biological organisms, thyme oils, and vegetable oils that consume viruses. Keep your home clean and disinfected, with DE-Mold.

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