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Healthy Homes' Proprietary, All-Natural Cleaner for Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, and Flea & Ticks.

DIS-Insect is a unique blend of specific biologicals and essential oils that attack each stage of an insect’s lifecycle. From eggs to larvae, to adults, DIS-Insect powerfully eradicates the entire colony. For the best results, apply DIS-Insect through a fog, which allows it to penetrate building materials, including under and behind the baseboards, windowsills, door sills, and everywhere in between.

The beauty of DIS-Insect is its safety & efficacy. It is not an insecticide. Safe for humans, pets, and plant life, insects cannot develop resistance to the ingredients inside DIS-Insect. Eliminate the need for toxic pesticides inside or around your home, by using DIS-Insect.

DIS-Insect is Available in 3 Targeted Blends

Mosquito & Tick Infestations
DIS-Insect is a safe all-natural mosquito and tick treatment designed for your lawn and outdoor space. It is the only all-natural biological mosquito and tick lawn treatment on the market. Ideal when applied through a fog on your lawn, our product lightly saturates the soil and sticks to the underside grass blades. Best of all, DIS-Insect is safe for humans, pets, and vegetation. When used in combination with other processes, it can prevent infestations. Keep pests out of your home and yard, with our all-natural essential-oil-based formula.

Common Household Use
DIS-Insect is a safe all-natural indoor & outdoor treatment for ants, spiders, roaches and fleas, our household blend is ideal for use inside your home and around access points when applied through a light fog. You can also apply it around your home’s perimeter. While other products claim to be chemical-free and all-natural, DIS-Insect is completely natural and created with biologicals and essential oils proven to kill insects.

Bed Bugs Infestations
DIS-Insect is a safe, all-natural Bed Bug Treatment. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. But DIS-Insect provides long-term eradication when applied via a fog into box springs, mattresses, pillows, under baseboards, or by furniture. It can also be used to kill mites, dust mites, bacteria, and viruses. While other products are chemical-based while claiming to be all-natural, our product is and uses powerful biologicals and essential oils to eliminate your bed-bug problem.

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